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John Hunsinger & Company Celebrates
46 Years of Real Estate Service

John Hunsinger founded John Hunsinger & Company, a full service industrial and commercial real estate company in 1969.  The company immediately became co-developer of Atlanta Gateway Park with Bennett and Kahnweiler Associates, the nations leading developer of industrial parks.  Atlanta Gateway Park, the largest industrial park east of the Mississippi at that time, had been dormant for almost a year due to financial problems of the owner.  The co-developers quickly rescued the property, and after the first year, Hunsinger announced significant sales that produced profits over $1 million.  The second year showed profits from sales over $15 million and the final year of the contract showed sales producing profits over $30 million.

Retired General Aldo E. Garoni, a long time partner of John Hunsinger, joined the firm in 1971 as an international consultant.  Because of his travel experience, General Garoni broadened the contacts of John Hunsinger & Company.  This world-wide aspect of the Company has brought new business back to the United States, particularly to the Atlanta and Southeastern Regions.  The increase of business with the Far East allowed General Garoni and John Hunsinger to open a full-time office in Tokyo, Japan, the center of Far East activities.   Tadao Shimizu was appointed Far East representative and partner for John Hunsinger & Company in November 1973.

In October 1975, John Hunsinger & Company enlarged their international network by opening a Paris office partnership with Cabinet Auguste-Thouard, which had over 80 members with additional offices in Lyon, Lille, and Marseille, France.

In October 1977, John Hunsinger & Company celebrated the opening of their London office and partnership with Edward Rushton Son & Kenyon, who had been in business since 1955 and considered one of Great Britain's finest international real estate companies.   The new venture with this company was named Hunsinger-Edward Rushton.  They provided world-wide consultation, appraisal and brokerage expertise to international corporations in the area of property, plants and machinery.  Edward Rushton Son & Kenyon had offices in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, England; Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; with associate offices in Brussels, Belgium; Madrid, Spain; Bombay, India; and Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia. 

In September 1978, Hunsinger Management Company was founded due to the strong need for complete management services in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.  The creation of this firm offered institutions, developers, absentee-owners and investors a combination of comprehensive real estate experience and prudent financial ownership guidance.  The company brought together a total of over 25 years of real estate experience, including commercial, industrial, retail and residential (apartment) expertise.  The association with John Hunsinger & Company opened avenues of world-wide real estate management representation for the company.  In 1983, the residential portion of Hunsinger Management Company was sold and the company, renamed John Hunsinger Enterprises, encompassed management and development in the industrial and commercial area.

Individual investors and institutions alike are finding that the personal service and expertise of John Hunsinger Enterprises is unsurpassed in the management of their properties.  The officers of John Hunsinger & Company continue to find suitable commercial and industrial properties for their in-town, national and overseas investors and are then able to offer their services of full-coverage management through John Hunsinger Enterprises.

John Hunsinger & Company continues to be acknowledged as one of the top leaders of the industrial and commercial real estate firms in the Southeast.  Home-based in Atlanta, they have associate offices in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles.  In addition, their officers have individual memberships in the prestigious professional network of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR), comprising over 2,000 professionals in 800 offices in 450 cities worldwide.

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